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Our Services

Failed product launches?
Are you finding your delivery teams performing rework often?
Are key stakeholders not aware of the effort and giving last minute changes?
Not able to move past the status quo?

I have been in those positions (albeit as the person who is hired to bring about change).

Noticeable Patterns: No clear decision support. In the excitement to get started missed key stakeholders not identified which led to failure to identify their concerns. Everyone is stretched thin and project/product delivery is not their main concern. Failure to identify the strategic initiative upfront.

Although there are many phrases or terminology used to describe these events here are my two most common “Misalignment” and "Silo Effect". There is a better way.

I have helped many organizations improve processes without making changes to staff. I deliver new products and services while navigating challenges.

My work has improved both business and technology domains in financial services, IT, and insurance services.

My repeatable system has lead success by engaging with all levels of the organization and applying methodologies that are applicable to your current organizational structure.

We leverage your existing capabilities and establish new ones that are clear in: meeting objectives, succinct in the approach and implementation while navigating, classifying, and mitigating risks.

Contact us if you are:
1) Facing dissatisfied stakeholders who complain their concerns are not being met.
2) Facing challenges delivering value regularly and consistently.
3) Are you tired of getting last minute changes that are a must have.
4) Seeing situations where everyone is busy; but milestones are being missed. 

PMOnDemand Inc. can help with this. I have architected a process that takes an “enterprise approach” for product development and project execution. By taking an Enterprise Approach to project, program management efforts I consistently:

1) Maximize the value being delivered in your product delivery pipeline.
2) Create a repeatable and scalable process for project/product releases across enterprises.
3) Improve operational performance across the organizations (people, products, processes & technology).

The opportunity to deliver a consistent and holistic product, project, and supporting business systems exists. I can help.

I formed PMOnDemand Inc. to help our clients more effectively and consistently get their products to the market faster.

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